Systems ebook giveaway – 48 hours only

Update: Systems now available for free for this whole week (4-10 March) – read here – SK

Systems can be purchased as an ebook in a variety of formats for just $3.99 at Smashwords.

On Thursday through Friday (23-24 Feb 2012, California time, i.e. Pacific Time Zone, GMT -8 hours*), the ebook version of Systems will be available for free download at Smashwords. I’ll be supplying a coupon at this blog that you can use to download from there. You’re also free to share the coupon with your friends. But this is a limited offer for just 48 hours.


Anyone who downloads and then reviews the novel at Amazon within three weeks after the free giveaway (so before 17 March 2012) will be entered into a draw to win a signed paperback (of course, you’ll have to send me an email to let me know you’ve done it – editor [at] cyberblurb [dot] co [dot] uk). If you also copy your review to Goodreads, or Barnes & Noble, or WHSmith, or your blog, or wherever, you’ll be entered again for each subsequent copy of your review. So if you post your review in two places you’ll double your chance of winning.


Review and email me anyway. If you enter and win, you can always give your first copy to someone else.


Even if you dislike the novel and post a negative review, you can still enter the draw for an alternative prize (after all, I don’t want to encourage dishonest reviews). If you’re drawn, I’ll send you a gift voucher (worth the equivalent of Systems) to spend on whatever you like. And that of course means I’ll draw again to give the paperback to someone else.

Couldn’t be fairer than that, could I?

Look out for the coupon code this Thursday!

I think I’ve covered it, but if you have any questions, post them in the comments.

*(And no, I’m not based in California. :) This is just Smashwords’ time zone.)


Three steps to download:

This offer has expired.




  1. Muhammad Zeeshan Khan says:

    This is a very good offer for people who love reading. You have covered it all. And you are very much fair.

  2. Tasleem says:

    I am interested in getting this book. Please guide me to do the same as the subject of the books seems very interesting and of great relevance to the contemporary turbulent times.

    • Hello there. On Thursday and Friday this week there will be a coupon code posted here and I’ll show you how to download the book for free. I’ll also send the code to my mailing list. Just keep an eye on this post after Thursday afternoon or evening (depending where you are), since the coupon will become active in California time.

      But if you want to download it sooner, go to this link to get it from Smashwords in a number of formats:

      Hope this helps.

  3. Maria Mazhar says:


  4. Junaid Naseer Faroqui says:

    Novel trailer is amazing… My countdown has begun :)

    Thanks Saleena…!

  5. Rizwan says:

    Waiting here in Pakistan.

  6. Muhammad Afzal says:

    Hello.. Downloaded the book and going to read it. thanx for sharing it. And also thanx for writing Secular Jinnah and Pakistan….. A great contribution indeed.

  7. Junaid Naseer Faroqui says:

    … and the reading has begun :)

  8. Abdul Mateen says:

    Thank U so much for let us read your work. Will leave my views on the novel…..

  9. Kashif says:

    I couldnot download the book, can u plz send the coupon etc so i may get the book to read. thanks

    • Kashif, are you on my main mailing list? If so, I’ll send it to you. As such the ebook offer expired last week. Only people on my list were offered the chance to receive it later than the given date, and that too because some of them happened not to receive my mailing list message.

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