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The Visionary Fiction Alliance New Site Live Today

Anyone who visits the VFA on a regular basis may have had a bit of a surprise when they visited the site today. It’s been completely revamped thanks to some amazing new members in the VFA’s team (and especially ‘web dude’!)

Do pop on over and check it out!

“Visionary Fiction” Now Officially on Wikipedia

SK: Reproduced from the Visionary Fiction Alliance blog (18 August 2014):

Exciting news for all Visionary Fiction authors, readers and lurkers:

As of August 2014 a entry entitled “Visionary fiction” has been published on Wikipedia at:


To read the rest of the article at the Visionary Fiction Alliance, click here

Launch series guest post at the Visionary Fiction Alliance

The Visionary Fiction Alliance website is presently running a series of posts to celebrate its launch, written by its founding members. Today is my turn. The article is titled: Visionary: Fiction of the Future, a slightly edited version of a guest post that I originally wrote for the VF web-ring. Head on over and say hello.

Been a while … New visionary fiction site

This is just a quick post to say that though I’ve not posted for a while (and didn’t anticipate being so slow), I’m still around and hope to start blogging regularly again soon. The reasons for my absence are to do with personal and work distractions, but I have lots of news to share, so watch this space.

In the meantime, anyone coming through from today may notice a new banner in the right-hand column of this page, headed: ‘VFA Founding Member’. It stands for ‘Visionary Fiction Alliance’ (sounds grand, doesn’t it?). The web-ring that Jodine Turner, Shannan Sinclair and I started just a couple of months ago has already attracted 12 authors and we are about to launch a whole site dedicated to the promotion of visionary fiction. More to come later.