Saleena Karim is from Nottingham, England. She is a freelance writer, researcher, editor, and artist.

She is the founder of the Jinnah Archive and a co-founder and admin of the Visionary Fiction Alliance.

She has authored two books on Pakistan’s founding history, containing independent research and her discovery of a fake quote attributed to MA Jinnah by academic and popular writers alike. Systems is her first work of fiction, and it has recently become part of an education course at the Marghdeen Learning Centre (an associative body of Iqbal Academy, Pakistan).


Other (non-fiction) website:


  1. I am interested in buying your both publications. I could not find with Born and noble.
    Where I can find your books?
    I’ll post my comments after having read your work. However, the titles are quite thought provoking and I presume must be worth read.
    Warm regards

    • Thanks very much, sir. Both titles are available at B&N, but I’ll send you an email in the next 24 hours.

      • mohsin says:

        I want to discuss/brainstorm with you some ideas related to my research regarding Identity Crisis in Pakistani Society.
        Kindly email me so that I can discuss with you.
        Also I am unable to find contact information of Dr.Imran – can you provide that too.

  2. Waqar says:

    AoA! … Saleena! let me inform that whether Fatima Jinnah talked about Islamic Pakistan as proposed by her brother? I think she never launched any movement to achieve the objectives of Pakistan as Islamic State. However, my own views are :-” if Quaid wanted a Secular Pakistan as stated by secularists, even then we, the muslims of Pakistan are bound obey to follow Path of The Quran & Sunnah.It is a obligatory on every muslim to struggle for Khilafat on every part of this world” I will wait for reply.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam sir. Forgive the edit of your post – Fatima Jinnah’s speeches during the election campaign of 1965 alone indicate how much she supported her brother’s vision for Pakistan. She might not have possessed the same leadership qualities as Mr Jinnah but she certainly shared his beliefs and upheld them in her own way.

      Beyond this I really cannot properly comment on your post in a mere few lines. I suggest you read my book Secular Jinnah & Pakistan for my views on the Pakistan idea. It’s available at Paramount Books, Karachi, or, if you are not based in Pakistan, then you can find it at any Amazon or similar online bookstore.