Systems in a Terminator spoof

Apparently, humans are not the only readers of my novel. In this short spoof, the Terminator (or rather, the Procrastinator) has a habit of putting things off with meaningless tasks. He also has interesting reading habits. 😉

This short film, titled The Procrastinator, was in fact created by my brother Shahid Karim, and it has just been submitted to a local film festival (bang! film festival in Nottingham). You’ve seen his work before: He created the trailers for both Systems and SJ2.

(And yes, this really is my third post in as many days. A record from me, and not likely to be repeated any time soon. Just had a lot of news. 🙂 )



  1. Robert says:


    Great short film. Well done Shahid Karim!


    All good wishes,


  2. What a talented family!

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