The place of visionary fiction in today’s world – introduction

Last week I introduced the Visionary Fiction web-ring. This week, our three founding members – Jodine Turner, Shannan Sinclair and myself – are guest posting at each other’s blogs about the place of Visionary Fiction in Today’s World.

You can find my entry at Jodine’s blog here, and Jodine’s entry at Shannan’s blog here. Shannan’s entry will appear at this blog soon.



  1. Thanks goodness for your web-ring. When I wrote my first novel twelve years ago, I called it visionary fiction and no one knew what I was talking about. In order to appeal to an agent, I called my work women’s fiction with paranormal elements, but agents don’t buy it. They say that readers who would read for the women’s fiction aspect aren’t going to be inclined to take the story seriously because of the fantasy involved and those who read fantasy are going to want a stronger plot (people killing each other, a bigger external threat). Lately, I figured I might as well go back to calling my novels visionary/metaphysical to stop the confusion, but now I’m having a heck of a time finding agents who represent authors of this genre. Self publish? That may be the answer, but I’d like to at least try to get an angent first. Anyway, I’m glad I found you guys. Maybe someday I can join your web ring.

    • Hi and welcome, Margaret! I understand the issue you have described completely. The visionary genre is not well-known enough, and it’s difficult to have to put your novel in a suitable better-known alternative.

      You’re welcome to join the web ring any time – just let me know here or drop me an email. Actually, there are now quite a few members – the membership list is growing fast – and we’re talking about how to take things further. If you want to join in our conversation, pop over to

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