Introducing the Visionary Fiction Ring

Recently I wrote a post about the difficulty I was having with defining the genre of Systems. Though I found the elusive ‘metaphysics’ category at Amazon (and no, I haven’t got round to re-classifying Systems there yet), I still felt that it would be good if the novel could be classified in a way that didn’t make it sound like it belonged to a tiny or specialist niche (or conversely placed it in too broad a category such as sci-fi).

Since then I’ve met Jodine Turner and Shannan Sinclair at a Goodreads group dedicated to visionary fiction. We’ve all agreed that since our type of fiction needs a brand awareness campaign, we’re going to make an attempt to do just that ourselves. And so, we’ve started a web-ring for visionary fiction (see the new menu on the right-hand side of this page containing links to Jodine and Shannan’s sites) and we’re brainstorming some other ideas at the moment. I’ve also created a new category at this blog especially for Visionary fiction.

So, what is visionary fiction? In one way it could be described as similar to inspirational fiction; it’s often inspired by a search for a higher truth, but it isn’t always about or aimed at readers of a particular faith. It can be metaphysical, or esoteric, or spiritual in tone. It often involves the paranormal. Of course this means that visionary fiction is most likely to also fall under fantasy, as does Jodine’s Carry on the Flame series. But this is not always the case. Systems (as sci-fi) is a case in point. So is Shannan’s Dream Walker, which she describes as ‘Quantum fiction’ because it explores quantum and string theories.

But what all visionary fiction has in common is that it takes its inspiration from that fascinating creature called humanity and explores its limitless potential. A pioneer of the term ‘visionary’, Michael Gurian, describes it as “fiction in which the expansion of the human mind drives the plot“.

Interested in knowing more? Watch this space for updates. Soon Jodine and Shannan will be dropping in to give us their insights on visionary fiction and its relevance in today’s world.

If you have written a novel and think it might fit into what I’ve described here, say hello here or at Goodreads. We’re looking for more authors to join this ring.




  1. Saleena,

    May this be the beginning of a fruitful project to increase awareness of visionary fiction! I’m very happy to be participating.

  2. Yes, I’ve just realized that this classification perfectly fits my forthcoming YA novel, Crashing Eden, to be released any week now by Solstice Publishing. I had settled on “urban fantasy”, but spiritual thriller or visionary fiction suits it much better!

  3. Glad to heave you on board, Michael!

  4. Pat Perrin says:

    Hello, glad to see this here. I think this category might help explain our long-lived eccentric fiction, The Jamais Vu Papers. (By Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin; we write collaboratively.) It’s been called metafiction, postmodern, metaphysical, and occasionally New Age (though that really doesn’t fit very well).

    Visionary should also fit our upcoming novel, Mayan Interface.

    I’d like to join this group and connect on Goodreads — a resource I’ve barely used. I’d also like to find reviewers for this kind of literature. Thanks for any information.

    Best, Pat

    • Hi Pat, and thanks. Although we haven’t announced it yet, we’re actually just putting together a formal website (and I was going to post about that soon here). On that site we’re planning to have author interviews, giveaways, reviews etc.

      You’re most welcome to join us. To date we’ve been asking all new members to set up a ‘web ring’ at their respective blogs/sites containing reciprocal links to all other members. But that’s probably going to change soon as the members list is growing quickly. 🙂 I’ll mention you to our group by email and send you an update so you can join formally. How’s that sound?

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